We engage in stewardship as a hands-on way to give back to our amazing outdoor playgrounds.

Stewardship trips are focused on repairing trails, maintaining access points, restoring shorelines, and more. Our members' efforts are fueled by their passion for the outdoor experience. This wilderness ethic has been integral to our organization's mission since our founding in 1906. 

Many of our most popular courses include stewardship as part of their curriculum. In addition, our volunteers lead many restoration activities throughout the year.

These trips are open to all and take place in both the city and in the wild! Make sure to read the Leader's Notes to ensure the trip is a good fit for you, since some trips include a longer hike in with heavy tools, or require boots.

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Members who complete a full-day (8-hour) stewardship activity will receive the Stewardship Credit badge. If you've completed multiple half-day stewardship activities within a year and would like to receive credit for your service, please email to have this badge added to your profile.