Outdoor Leadership Committee

This is an organization wide committee focused on Outdoor Leadership curriculum, and continuing education for volunteer leaders.

Announcing a new, organization-wide committee aimed at updating and improving our Outdoor Leadership programs.  This committee, with representation from all branches, will work during 2018 to update and align our organization’s approach to teaching and fostering outdoor leadership skills.  

Many branches offer an Outdoor Leadership seminar, completion of which results in the Outdoor Leadership badge. This badge is currently a prerequisite for many leadership opportunities within The Mountaineers. The goal of this committee is to bring together practices and successful elements from across the organization, and to arrive at a clear, consistent curriculum that is pedagogically sound, engaging, and which sets our volunteers up for success as leaders in our programs and activities. Additionally, this committee hopes to develop a list of consistent supplemental resources such as textbooks, videos, or other elements to make the class successful.  

This committee will also serve as a centralized resource for developing and sharing opportunities for continuing education in outdoor leadership.  

 Schedule and structure:

This committee will consist of up to two members from each branch, with a volunteer chair (or co-chairs), as well as support from Program Center Adult Education Staff.

The committee will start with monthly meetings (alternating between in-person and over the phone) and will rotate locations for the meetings to accommodate different branch representatives, as determined by the committee chair and the members

Interested in serving on this committee?  

For details on this organization-wide Outdoor Leadership Committee, see this link for details

Please email Steve Smith at steves@mountaineers.org with any questions.