How to Schedule & Manage Events

How to Schedule & Manage Events

Learn how to schedule an event at one of our program centers or outdoor centers.

Schedule an event for your branch

  • Learn how to add events to branch calendar if your branch is Bellingham, Everett, Foothills, or Olympia OR an offsite event for the Seattle or Tacoma Branch.

Offsite Events: Events that are not held at one of our program centers. For example, Seattle Climbing is hosting an event at Vertical World in Seattle. It is a Seattle Branch event but not hosted at the Seattle Program Center.

RSVP Capability: RSVPs are useful for social events where you want a roster but don't need a waiver on file for participants. Members and guests can RSVP when logged in and will find their Event RSVPs on their My Activities page. They can also register additional guests for the event. Leaders can see the roster with all names and have contact info for the primary registrants. RSVPs are also useful for tracking hours volunteers spend in committee meetings. By default, you should always turn on RSVP for your events.

schedule an event at one of our outdoor centers

Marketing your event

Our Publications Style Guide explains common practice used for all our publications: website, email, and print. Please follow these guidelines when posting events, creating courses, and activities, suggesting new Routes & Places, and writing blogs. This will increase the likelihood that participants will find your events.

Need extra marketing help for your event? Contact with a link and information about your event, and she will work into Mountaineers communications as the calendar allows.