Recording Volunteer Hours

Recording Volunteer Hours

Learn how to record volunteer hours to populate on your My Volunteer Hours profile.

Volunteer hours are associated with activities, events, and lodge stays. They may be entered in bulk or  you may select specific individuals and attribute specific hours based on that member's contribution. Members can also add volunteer hours that aren't captured elsewhere, such as course or committee admin work.

Members can review all of their volunteer hours on their My Volunteer Hours profile, found on their My Profile page. This page will show all activities, events, and lodge stays with associated volunteer hours, as well as any self-reported hours. It will not show activities, events, and lodge stays with no associated hours, even if your role was as a volunteer. Members can also filter, search, download, and print a selection of their volunteer hours. This can be useful when submitting volunteer hours to be matched through employment programs.

Adding Hours from a Roster


Leaders can bulk add volunteer hours to anyone who is on an activity roster as a leader, co-leader, assistant leader, mentored leader, or instructor. Activities include trips, field trips, lectures, clinics, and seminars. To bulk add hours, complete the "Volunteer Hours" field when you  set the activity result and close the activity.

If you'd like to individually attribute volunteer hours, click the "Edit/Cancel" link next to the person's name on the roster and edit their volunteer hours in the pop-up window. This is useful when you have a couple of volunteers who contributed a different amount of time.

Pro tip! It can be helpful to start by bulk awarding hours, if the majority of volunteers contributed one amount of time. Once that is done, go back in to individually edit volunteer hours for any members who contributed more or less time. 


Event organizers can bulk add volunteer hours to registered Event Contacts and anyone who is listed on the roster with the role of volunteer (rather than participant). 

Just like activity rosters, you can individually attribute volunteer hours by clicking the "Edit/Cancel" link next to the person's name and editing their volunteer hours in the pop-up window. This is useful when you have a couple of volunteers who contributed a different amount of time.

Pro tip! If you're setting-up a committee meeting or other event where all attendees will be volunteering their time, set the default role for all RSVPs to "Volunteer". This makes it easier to bulk assign volunteer hours for the event.


Lodge Stays

There are typically only a few hosts, cooks, or other volunteers for each lodge stay, so volunteers hours need to be added one lodge stay and one volunteer at a time. Because lodge volunteers have roster admin permissions, they can update their own volunteer hours on lodge stay rosters. Visit our Schedule & Manage Lodge Stays page to learn how.

Adding Additional Hours

Members can add volunteer hours that are not captured on an activity, event, or lodge stay rosters from their My Volunteer Hours profile. This is most common for committee or course admin work.


Enter all required and relevant information, then hit save to add this instance of volunteering to your profile. Take care not to re-enter hours that should have been captured on an activity, event, or lodge stay roster.

Guidelines for Recording Volunteer Hours

Please consider the following guidelines as you record volunteer hours.

  • Record all hours spent preparing for an event/activity, such as route research, emails back and forth with participants, travel to the trail head, etc.
  • For overnight trips, do not record hours spent sleeping.
  • Be careful not to re-enter hours that have already been reported or should be reported on an activity, event, or lodge roster.
  • For stewardship activities completed with a partner organization, only log hours on The Mountaineers website if your volunteer time isn't captured elsewhere (ex: in the partner organization's system).

Anita Elder
Anita Elder says:
Jan 13, 2017 08:45 AM

What about volunteer hours used to prepare course materials, brochures, helping the club with graphic design, etc.? Do those not count as volunteer hours? Often, they take up more time than the class/event itself!

Tess Wendel
Tess Wendel says:
May 26, 2017 12:27 PM

Right now we don't have a great way to capture these, if you list committee meetings you can record some of these associated with the committee meetings.

Tess Wendel
Tess Wendel says:
May 26, 2017 12:59 PM

We are hoping to get more volunteer hours functionality soon. To stay up to date on this issue subscribe to this feedback item.

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