Basic Crewing/Sailing Course  - Tacoma, Experience Sail #3

Field trip: Basic Crewing/Sailing Course

Basic Crewing/Sailing Course - Tacoma, Experience Sail #3 - Margo, Tacoma Yacht Club

Experience sails for students of Tacoma's Basic Crewing/Sailing Course.

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Dock call 12:00PM 29 April 2017

We will meet at my boat on E Dock, Tacoma Yacht Club, 5401 Yacht Club Road in Tacoma near Point Defiance.

To find the boat under the current, under construction conditions at TYC, enter the gate and follow the sign to clubhouse parking. You will see some honey buckets on the left with a small parking area. I will be driving my 1996 white Volvo 960 which will be parked in the area where you need to park. Look for a path down to the boat houses but it would be best to call me 253-381-7859 to guide you to the boat from there.

 I plan to sail, performing tacks, jibes, heaving to, reefing and other sailing maneuvres on the way to the Des Moines Marina We will fuel the boat and sail back performing and testing the above skills.

Be sure to dress for all the weather possibilities, particularly since this has been such an unpredictable,  cold season. You will want to bring something to eat and drink. Hopefully we'll have some decent wind and have a great time.

This is for the third of four sails included in the Tacoma Branch's Basic Crewing/Sailing Course.  Students of the course can sign up for two Experience Sail activities.

An outline of topics that will be covered during this training sail is shown below.  Please review the related material in your course text book before the sail and make sure you ask any questions necessary for you to understand the concept being covered.

Sail activities will take place rain or shine.  The activity may, however, be canceled due to high wind.  Call you skipper 1 hour before the start of the activity to make sure it is still a go.  Please show up on time.


Margo, Tacoma Yacht Club

Required Equipment

Required Equipment


At The Dock

  • Knots demo: bowline, round turn and 2 half hitches, clove hitch, figure 8;
  • Review process for preparing boat to leave the dock - safety brief, crew positions, difference between “prepare to” and “do” cast off.

Under Power

  • Outline your process for stowing fenders and dock lines and making boat ready to sail;
  • Discuss any right-of-way situations you encounter;
  • Where is the wind?  Discuss onboard, water and land signs for identifying wind direction;
  • Review all steps of hoisting/setting sails.

Under Sail

  • Review all concepts covered in training sails - during the sail, mention names of all running and standing rigging and parts of the boat;
  • Discuss sail shape and trim as you turn through all points of sail;
  • Rotate crew through positions for tacks and jibes;
  • Demonstrate overboard rescue methods - quick stop method, quick turn method, life sling if you have one;
  • Demonstrate heaving to, if your boats does it well;
  • Discuss and demonstrate shortening sail: changing or rolling head sail, reefing main sail.
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