Tacoma Basic Alpine Climbing

Tacoma Basic Alpine Climbing

The Tacoma Basic Climbing Course combines classroom lecture and field instruction, to supplements one's self learning of the fundamentals of mountaineering. The course ensures that you build the necessary skills to safely follow a leader on 5th class rock, steep snow and the glaciated peaks of the Pacific Northwest.

The Tacoma Basic Climbing Course is set up to be completed in roughly eight months (4 months of lecture and skill development, followed by 4 months to complete climbs  and other graduation requirements). It covers: selection and care of equipment, glacier travel and snow camping, top rope and lead belaying, rappelling, only 5th class rock climbing (we expect you to be comfortable on 4th class terrain and below), crevasse rescue, and a few other topics.  During field trips and on actual climbs the student will put these skills to practical use with experienced mountaineer leaders.  Don't be fooled, these leaders expect you to know your skills, they are not guides.  Previous experience in off-trail hiking, scrambling, and camping is very helpful.  Participants should have a desire to learn technical mountaineering skills (both rock and glacier) and be aware that this course requires a significant investment in time and money. Solid overall physical conditioning, good cardiovascular strength and psychological commitment are needed as the participants will experience travel in difficult terrain with vertical exposure while carrying a heavy pack in all types of weather conditions.  While the course is challenging and demanding, the skills acquired provide the participants opportunities to meet lifelong climbing partners and gain the skills to safely enjoy mountains environments for a lifetime.

The course fee does not include the cost of membership, the text for the course, personal gear and equipment, Wilderness First Aid (WFA) or Navigation course.

Our next Basic Climbing Course begins in February 2019.  Registration will be available Oct 25, 2018.

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