Tacoma Navigation Committee

Tacoma Navigation Committee

Knowing where you are and where you're heading is essential for safe travel in the backcountry. Our Wilderness Navigation course will teach you to find your way.


Tacoma Mountaineers Wilderness Navigation

The Tacoma Mountaineers Wilderness Navigation Course is a sub-course of the Climbing Division which is required in order to graduate from Basic Climbing, Alpine Scrambles, Backcountry Snowshoe, Backcountry Skiing and other courses. The course can also be taken as a stand-alone class for anyone just interested in learning how to navigate safely while they’re out enjoying the wilderness.

Classes are held 3 times a year, and consist of 2 evening lectures and a 1-day field trip.

The class covers map reading, compass use, and terrain recognition related to your surroundings.

Students are required to bring their own Mountaineers Approved Compass.

Course cost: Members $67 / Non-Members $67

Current Tacoma Navigation Courses: Click Here!

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