Baker Lodge Photography & Naturalist Weekend

Baker Lodge Photography & Naturalist Weekend

Night sky photography of the Milky Way and the Perseid meteor shower for photographers. Nature hikes for the naturalists.

This is a weekend event for those staying at Baker Lodge. It is a combination of photography and exploring nature.

This casual weekend provides a great venue for photographers to photograph the Night Sky. This weekend is the Peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower. With a new moon and no man made ambient light the night sky will be dark and the stars very visible. The Perseid Meteor Shower viewable in the Northeast. There will be over 100 meteors per hour. In the Southwest the Milky Way will be viewable. Both of these celestial events can be see near Baker Lodge by a short walk to Picture Lake. Artist Point is a short drive from Baker Lodge. From Artist Point the Milky Way will be viewable above Mount Baker, and the Perseid Meteor Shower will be viewable next to Mount Shuksan.

During the day offers other photographic & naturalist opportunities. Picture Lake with Mount Shuksan reflection and Artist Point are favorite destinations. Most trailheads will require Northwest Forest Pass for parking. This weekend event is open to all (Mountaineers and non-Mountaineers).

Reserve your bed at Baker Lodge 

Then, sign up for the activities you wish to participate in:

Photography Activities

Sunrise Photography at Picture Lake - 8/11 (AM)

Ptarmigan Ridge Scenic Photography - 8/11 (Am) 

Artist Point Night Sky Photography - 8/11 (PM)

Naturalist Activities

Chain Lakes Loop - 8/11

Lake Ann (mount shuksan) - 8/11

Yellow Aster ButtE - 8/12 

Hannegan pass - 8/12