GoWalk! Participant Orientation

Lecture: GoWalk!: Beginner Urban Walking Series

GoWalk! Participant Orientation - Online Classroom

In this 2-hour evening session we will introduce you to the essentials of urban walking starting with basics: Preparation, safety, general fitness tips and knowledge to make hitting the trail less daunting. We'll talk about the GoWalk! course and walks, about setting goals and how we'll help you reach them. We'll also introduce you to some amazing places you can go as you're just starting out, and even more amazing options if you choose to go a little further!

  • Casual

This is an online Zoom session starting at 6:30pm and finishing around 8:30pm.  A link to the Zoom session will be provided to participants in the days before the session.

In this first session of the new Mountaineers GoWalk! series, we'll give you the basic information and tools to get started walking, share information about the series and what is involved, and connect you with a community of other walkers and dedicated volunteers who are eager to help you overcome any roadblocks or fears and get out there, starting from where you are!  This session is required to graduate from the GoWalk! series.

Yes,  Urban Walks include streets, parks, and green belts.  They are two or more miles.

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

None.  We'll have examples of gear for you to look at, and help you learn how to decide what clothing and gear is essential for a given walk and set of conditions.   As the series progresses we will help you fill in any gaps in your gear kit with a minimum of expense.

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