Bikepacking Lecture #1

Lecture: Basic Bikepacking Course

Bikepacking Lecture #1 - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Introduction to the course, bikepacking bikes and gear.

  • Casual

Cascade A & B Room.  Arrive by 6 PM with your BIKE and any bike bags you already own.

Introduction to the course content and structure. Bikepacking trip types,  bikepacking bikes and bikepacking gear. After an introduction, we'll divide into groups to share bikes, bags, and ideas between participants and instructors.  The goal is to help understand what you have, what you may want or need, see different ways of using the gear and packing a bike, and help in your planning and preparations for the Check Ride and the Field Trip.


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Bring your bike and all the bike bags you already own

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