Basic Bikepacking Course - Seattle - 2024

Bikepacking Course

Basic Bikepacking Course

Combine your backpacking and off-pavement cycling skills to experience the joy of travelling off-the beaten path on all types of terrain. Go further than on foot on singletracks trails, gravel and remote logging roads carrying all your essential gear! In this course you will learn how to pack and carry overnight gear on your bike and how to perform common field maintenance tasks.

This course provides a solid foundation in Bikepacking. Topics covered are personal clothing, personal and group gear, loading and carrying gear, trip planning and preparation, camp setup and bike field maintenance.


Successful completion of the course will allow the student to participate in Bikepacking outings.

Course Prerequisites include:

 -  Students must own (or have the capability to rent or borrow) a mountain bike or gravel bike and be capable of riding over an extended period of time/miles, primarily off - pavement, on gravel and /or singletrack trails.

 - You must have recent overnight backcountry camping experience.

 -  Students must be capable of riding up to 20 miles in a given day, trip and terrain dependent.

Course and Graduation Requirements 

Attend each of three classroom sessions at the Seattle Program Center, a Check Ride field trip, and an overnight field trip. These are listed and described in Course Requirements tab below.  Successful completion of the course will allow the student to participate in Bikepacking outings.

Pay attention to the dates and ensure you are registered for each event. The system should have auto-registered you for each one:  

  • Session 1: Bikes, Gear, Clothing, bike bags
  • Session 2: Bike Field Maintenance Clinic
  •  Session 3: Trip Planning and Logistics  
  •  Check Ride:  Full-gear day-trip shakedown of bikepacking gear
  • Field trip: Overnight  bikepacking trip

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment
  • Mountain Bike or Gravel Bike (if you do not know what qualifies as a gravel bike, please inquire with course leader, must own before course start)
  • Helmet, eye protection glasses, and gloves
  • Bikepacking Bags (can be purchased after lecture 1)
  • (Optional) Daypack
  • Ten Essentials
  • Overnight minimalistic Backcountry/Backpacking Gear
  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Bike Maintenance Tools
Course Materials

There are no materials for this course.