Compressed Alpine Scrambling Course A - Seattle - 2023

Scrambling Course

Compressed Alpine Scrambling Course

This course covers the same curriculum of skills as the regular Scramble Course but over one weekend plus a gear night and conditioner hike. Please note: you MUST have the Wilderness Navigation Course badge to join this course! Please see more below.

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If you find it easier to take a class over a long weekend or missed the most recent Alpine Scrambling class deadline--  Compressed Alpine Scrambling Course (CASC) is for you, differing only from the regular Alpine Scrambling class by the intensity of the instructional experience. Learn how to travel off-trail and safely across rock and snow filled terrain and use an ice ax to reach some of the great peaks in the area. After an initial lecture and field trip, and a long-weekend of field instruction the program culminates with the regular Seattle Alpine Scrambling class Experience Field Trip in June.

After the initial lecture and field trip, The course will begin at the Seattle Mountaineer Program center on Friday, May 5, 2022 from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM.  The course will then move to the Stevens Pass Mountaineers Lodge on Friday night through Sunday afternoon, May 7, 2022. After the class students are required to meet all other requirements to successfully graduate the program. Students are expected to demonstrate excellent physical conditioning – such as being able to achieve 2,000 feet in elevation gain in a reasonable time with a pack in each of two consecutive days as well as other strenuous physical activities during the field trips. One test is hiking Mt. Si in 2 hours or less with a pack carrying 15% of your bodyweight. There is an additional charge for the overnight stay and meals at the Stevens Lodge. Due to the timing of this course, students will either have to sign up for Wilderness Navigation early in the season.


  • Complete the Off-trail Navigation course that includes GPS by the gear lecture!
    • Complete the online Low Impact Recreation quiz.
    • Complete a full day/8 hour  Stewardship event.
      • The Mountaineers is a volunteer organization and we strive to create a community that gives back to our shared world.
    • Complete 3 successful club scrambles (different from course field trips)
    • Complete the Wilderness First Aid course 


      There are two options for learning Scrambling with the Seattle Branch. The compressed course (this one), and the Regular Scrambling Course  which covers the same material Feb.-June. The Everett, Tacoma, and Foothills (Eastside) branches also have Scramble programs.

      Course Requirements
      Course Activity Date Availability Leader
      Experience Field Trip
      Bean Creek Basin
      Sat, Jun 3, 2023
      Registration closes Jun 1
      4 participants on waitlist
      0 instructors
      Bean Creek Basin
      Sun, Jun 4, 2023
      Registration closes Jun 2
      0 participants
      1 instructor
      Required Equipment

      The 10 Essentials, Scrambling gear and overnight supplies for 2 nights at the Stevens Lodge. 

      Course Materials

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