The Essentials of Backpacking - Olympia - 2021

Backpacking Course


The Essentials of Backpacking course will bridge the gap between day trips and experiencing the wilderness overnight.

Learn all you need to be safe and efficient while backpacking on weekend or multiday trips in the Pacific Northwest.  You will learn about planning, gear, tips and tricks to help make overnights comfortable in the wilderness. This course is for all adults.  Student will be required to have completed Wilderness Skills or Hiking Skills or the equivalent.  Learn about appropriate gear, trip planning, on the trail tips, food, safety, and other tips and tricks.  Each student will participate in one of the overnight backpacks lead by one of the course instructors.  There will be several trips offered over the summer and early fall.  During the summer months, backpacking trips will be offered on the Mountaineers backpacking activity page for both adults and families to participate in. They will be designed to help you use the skills from class, as well as continual growth.  These  are not a required part of the course but we hope that you will participate in them.  Activity dates may change due to Mountaineers COVID-19 rules.

Parts of this course will involve interaction on the internet.  Students will need to have accounts to access Zoom and Google Classroom.  Information about using these programs is located under Course Materials.

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This course has no scheduled activities.

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