Backpacking Course


Backpacking Course

This badge represents successful completion of our Backpacking Course, which enables you to safely enjoy overnight trips into the backcountry.

Description of skills

The holder of this badge has successfully completed our Backpacking Course and/or has demonstrated proficiency in the following skills:

    • Equipment selection and use
    • Efficient packing methods 
    • Leave no trace camping
    • Blister treatment and prevention

What does this badge allow me to do?

Though not required to participate, those who have this badge participate in Backpack trips.  Learn more about these kinds of trips in the activity overview or search for upcoming activities



Complete one of our Backpacking Courses.


This badge is only for course graduates. We do not offer equivalency because this badge is not a prerequisite requirement for any of our activities or other courses.

As of October 2018, The Mountaineers awards two skill badges to recognize backpacking skill proficiency – Basic Backpacking Skills and Advanced Backpacking Skills. Some branches may no longer award the Backpacking Course badge. For more information about how to receive one of our Backpacking Skills badges, please contact your Backpacking Chair or apply for equivalency!