University of Washington Predator Ecology Lab - Bellevue Public Library


University of Washington Predator Ecology Lab - Bellevue Public Library

Real reality TV! Learn how improving technology allows scientists to study and understand wolves and deer in Washington State.

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Please meet at the Bellevue Public Library, 1111 110th Avenue NE, Bellevue WA 98004, at 7:00pm. We will be in meeting room 3. We'll aim to start promptly. This session will last 1 hour. Free parking is available in the library's parking garage.

Bears, wolves, cougars... have we got your attention? 

Since 2008, as part of the Wildlife Science Program in the University of Washington's School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, scientists and scientists-in-training at the Predator Ecology Lab have sought a better understanding of how predators influence their surroundings by interacting with one another and their prey. Much of the lab's work also seeks solutions to the challenges of large carnivore conservation and management in a changing world.

Join us to learn more about the fascinating predators of Washington and beyond!

Our guest speaker's talk is: Reality TV: Using technology to capture the true nature of nature. 

What drama does winter hold for a deer? How often do penguins go hungry? What does biodiversity sound like? As technology improves, we can get a closer look into the personal lives of wildlife and the environment they inhabit. Join University of Washington PhD candidate Apryle Craig as she presents a few emerging wildlife research tools including animal-borne video cameras, acoustic sampling, drones, and accelerometers. She will describe how her research employs some of these technologies to better understand interactions between recolonizing wolves and deer here in Washington.



Bellevue Public Library

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