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Alpine Scramble - Humpback Mountain

A successful, small-party, mid-week scramble during the heat of the summer.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The first mile is on an old logging/mining road. Once one turns right onto the trail, the trail itself is quite steep. (Steeper than the West Tiger cable route but without any real respites along the way like the cable route has.) This route makes for a great conditioner. Only the top of the ridge walk qualifies it as a scramble as this is when one encounters the boulders. Don't be fooled by the false summit, which in my opinion is a bit nicer than the true summit. Keep heading east to tag the real one. Poles are helpful for the steep descent on the return trip.

Despite the dire forecast for excessive heat by the meteorologists, the trip was quite pleasant. Plenty of shade (except at the summit) and not too hot! It's a shame the three other Mountaineers canceled, as they missed a great conditioner, great views, and pleasant conversation. The only negative was the small flies that bothered the more tasty of us. I recommend carrying DEET or Picaridin this time of year to keep them from bothering you. A fun time was had by all!