2018 LeaderLines

January 2018

In this edition of LeaderLines, we take a moment to celebrate this year’s volunteer award recipients. Every year, The Mountaineers recognizes a handful of volunteers at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. These are the individuals who have gone above and beyond to serve their Branch, as well as the entire Mountaineers community. Thank you for your dedication to The Mountaineers!

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February 2018

In this edition of LeaderLines, we provide an update on permits, share takeaways from last fall’s Wilderness Risk Management Conference, and continue exploring ways The Mountaineers can create more diverse and inclusive programs.

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March 2018

In this edition of LeaderLines, we invite you to celebrate National Volunteer Month, provide an update on our Feedback Survey forms, and discuss the need to continually improve our personal risk assessment.

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April 2018

In this edition of LeaderLines, we seek applicants for our next Alpine Ambassadors trip to Squamish, we review several timely incidents and lessons learned, and we provide information about how you can support and contribute to your branch’s homepage. And of course, we provide a wide variety of Quick Hits to satisfy all readers’ interests!

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May 2018

In this edition of LeaderLines, we bid farewell to staff member Tess Wendel. Tess has left her fingerprints on nearly everything that we do at The Mountaineers, and if you’ve ever called the Program Center, sent an email to Member Services, or visited our website, you’ve likely benefited from her patience, kindness, and deep knowledge of our programs.

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June 2018

In this issue of LeaderLines we announce several staffing changes - including the departure of Steve Smith - and we provide information about our updated Outdoor Ethics policy.

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July 2018

In this edition of LeaderLines we introduce Amanda Virbitsky as our new Volunteer Services Representative, we invite you to apply to represent The Mountaineers at the annual Wilderness Risk Management Conference, we reiterate the importance of revisiting and refreshing your routines, and we overview an exciting new website feature.

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August 2018

In this edition of LeaderLines we remember Stephen Kornbluth, we share information about the 2018 Leadership Conference, and we highlight the importance of turnaround times.

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September 2018

In this month's LeaderLines we point readers to our staff org-chart, we remember Laurie Choate, we promote the Leadership Development Fund, and we share educational blogs to help our leaders and instructors prepare for the upcoming course season!

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October 2018

This year’s transition into fall has been a busy one. From preparing for the upcoming season of activity summits to finalizing the details for our fifth annual Leadership Conference, we’re excited to engage with each of you on a variety of activities and opportunities at The Mountaineers in the coming months. In this edition, we also review three new policies about problem behavior and harassment.

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November 2018

In this month's LeaderLines, we provide a recap of our attendance at the 2018 WRMC, we discuss how to better mentor new leaders, and we provide registration information for this year's Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.

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December 2018

In this edition of Leader Lines, we provide year-end recap of our org-wide accomplishments, we give an overview of the recent Leadership Conference, and we introduce Outdoor Advocates Network.

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