2017 LeaderLines

January 2017

We provide an update on Progressive Climbing Education, announce our new Low Impact Skills Badge, address car prowls in the Seattle Program Center parking lot, and share tips on tire chain requirements

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February 2017

In this newsletter we share some timely info about permits, some new and improved ways to share trip beta on our website, and an important new resource we're calling 2017 Public Lands Bills: A Legislative Trail Map.

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March 2017

In this Leader Lines newsletter we share info about leader resource webinars, an invitation to participate in this year's Our Parks | Your Adventure, and some perspectives on gender equality in the outdoors

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April 2017

In this edition of LeaderLines, we delve into the meaning of adventure, explore different leadership styles, and discuss navigation gear. Plus, we introduce our new education managers Sara and Steve, and share some important updates about access and parking at two of our favorite climbing areas.

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May 2017

In this edition of LeaderLines, we share a few updates from headquarters, including a new prodeal opportunity - Outdoor Prolink - made available to our volunteer leaders!

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June 2017

In this edition of LeaderLines, we begin two new recurring segments. Leader Spotlight highlights our amazing leaders, and Lessons Learned is an opportunity to review and learn from a past incident or near-miss.

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July 2017

In this edition of LeaderLines, we to take a moment to reflect on Sue Bennett’s passing during a Mountaineers climb in North Cascades National Park. Sue was a 15-year member and a leader in our Bellingham Branch, receiving the 2016 Branch Service Award for her leadership and dedication. She is a beloved member of The Mountaineers’ community who will be deeply missed.

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August 2017

This edition of LeaderLines continues with our new features (Leader Spotlight, Lessons Learned) and offers useful content, tips, and upcoming events to make the most of your time as a leader at The Mountaineers.

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September 2017

In this edition of Leader Lines, we highlight the importance and impact of committee volunteerism through the personal stories of two Super Volunteers: Cheryl Talbert and Matt Palubinskas.

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October 2017

This month’s edition of LeaderLines aims to provide you with inspiration (via our Leader Spotlight), education (via the Leadership Conference), accident prevention (via Lessons Learned), and ultimately appreciation (via our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and much more).

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November 2017

In this edition of LeaderLines, we review several website updates and highlight the importance of preventing incidents ... rather than responding to one.

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December 2017

In this edition of Leader Lines, we reflect back on 2017 and celebrate our collective accomplishments!

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