Intermediate Sea Kayaking Course - Tacoma - 2014

Sea Kayaking Course

Intermediate Sea Kayaking Course

Intermediate Sea Kayaking Course

To complete this course, the paddler must have passed the Basic Kayak Class (or received Equivalency) and contacted the Tacoma Intermediate Sea Kayak Course leader to sign up for this course.  If you are interested, contact Tom Harrigan at

It is a self-paced course that requires filling out a log book with each step of the process and having qualified Tacoma Mountaineers Sea Kayak leaders (or Tacoma-approved kayak leaders from other branches) sign off that you have completed each step.  The course must be completed within five (5) years. Once you have competed the requirements, present a copy of your log book to the Tacoma Intermediate Sea Kayak Course leader and the Tacoma Sea Kayak committee will vote whether to award you an Intermediate Sea Kayak Badge.

Once the paddler has graduated, they qualify to participate on SK V Sea Kayak trips.

Participants will be developing and demonstrating the following skills/classes:

Competent sea kayak handling  in waves generated by windy conditions

Has demonstrated competent handling of a sea kayak in currents and eddy lines under dynamic water conditions at Deception Pass

Has demonstrated competence when launching and landing in a 3 foot surf zone in a sea kayak

Has a reasonably reliable sea kayak Eskimo roll in dynamic water conditions

Is proficient in basic rescue techniques including t-rescue while in dynamic water conditions, use of tow belt systems and use of VHF radio

Has taken a Sea Kayak Incident Management class

Has proficiency of basic sea kayak navigation skills

Has gone on multiple Mountaineer sea kayak paddles that are at least 12 nm long

Has volunteered a minimum of  40 hours helping to teach the Basic Sea Kayak Course and/or more advanced sea kayak classes through the Mountaineers

Has taken a Basic First Aid/CPR class

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

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Course Materials

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