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Intermediate Incident Management/ rescues/ towing/currents

Intermediate Incident Management/ rescues/ towing/ eddies & currents 2015

Intermediate Incident Management, rescues & towing, eddies & currents.

This is our premier yearly clinic held in Deception Pass.  It is open to anyone who has taken the basic course, and completed at least 5 paddles, in any chapter.  This clinic will meet one Friday evening (August 21st, 7-9:30 PM) in the Tacoma Clubhouse for a 3-4 hour discussion on incident management, rescues, towing, paddling in currents, and crossing eddies.  We will also discuss what we bring on day trips (bring your first aid kits, boat repair kits, extra clothes, emergency shelters, tow systems, etc. if you have them).

The following weekend (August 29 and 30th) we will train in Bowman Bay and Deception / Canoe Pass.  We will camp in Deception Pass State Park  Friday and Saturday nights (not required, but the two nights of camping are included in your reservation fee).  On Saturday morning we will meet at Bowman Bay (drive into the parking lot at 8 AM) for a day of IM scenarios, rescue practice, and towing training.  Lunch will be on the beach.  In the afternoon we will head over to Canoe pass for a taste of current training, starting at slack and working the pass until the current is maybe 2 knots. On Sunday we will meet in Coronet bay and paddle into canoe pass on slack for more eddies and current work.  In the afternoon we will paddle east to Strawberry Island for more of the same in milder conditions.  On Sunday "lunch" will be snacks on the water. 

The class is done in a safe environment with close supervision and a high instructor to student ratio (one instructor per 2 students).  We will "crawl before we walk before we run".  You will be challenged.  It will be two full days.  You will be in the water...a lot...intentionally.  You will have fun...intentionally.   Dry suits, helmets, and full finger gloves are mandatory.  Please do not buy any new gear without discussing it with the course leader in advance.  This clinic may sound intimidating, but is geared towards all levels.  Leader permission required to sign up.  Open to Mountaineers members only.  Clinic is open to 12 students, and usually fills up.  Discover Pass is required for parking in Bowman Bay and Coronet Bay lots, and is not included with clinic fee.  Daily passes can be purchased in the park.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

Kayak with floatation in both ends (hatches with bulkheads), deck lines in the front and back of the boat, dry suit, helmet, full finger gloves (protect from barnacles), paddle, properly fitting PFD, spray skirt (properly fitting), whistle, bilge pump, discover pass, camping gear, basic first aid kit, spare clothes in dry bag, Discover Pass, snacks for on-water, water, and lunch.

Recommended equipment (bring if you have, but don't buy for the class); long and short tow system, kayak repair kit, vhf radio, storm cag, spare paddle, paddle float, rescue sling.

Contact the leader for advice prior to buying anything for the clinic.

Course Materials

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