Alpine Scramble Leader Course - Tacoma - 2023

Outdoor Leadership Course

Scrambles Leadership Course

Tacoma Branch 2023 Alpine Scrambling New Leader Course

The Scrambles Leadership course assists students in developing leadership and instructional skills. Students explore and practice both: Hard skills like: planning a trip, instructing on ice axe, snow travel, protection/harnesses, belaying, emergency situations. Soft skills like: group dynamics, situational risk.

Upon completing the course, students will develop skills on how to instruct students and lead non-technical (unroped) climbs. This is a course intended for Alpine Scrambles and Basic Climbing graduates who want to gain leadership and foundational skills, as a step towards leading Scrambles, or continuing on to a higher level of climbing. Second-year Scrambles students are welcome to the program, subject to Committee approval.

Leadership is a skill that can be developed and nurtured. Hands on experience through instructing at Scrambles Field Trips and assisting/leading on Scrambles (with the support of a Leader-Mentors) provides students with an environment to develop and explore their leadership style. Additionally, students can observe and learn from the leadership style of their fellow students and mentors.

Students will be expected to be in good physical condition when attending field trips. Each field trip is a full day of learning, practicing, and having fun.  Course participants are required to:

  • Participate in an Outdoor Leadership Course
  • Participate in the annual Tacoma Scrambles Leader Conference
  • Instruct at Rock TWO
  • Instruct at Snow TWO
  • Instruct at Camp TWO

Students who are working to instruct only and not working towards a Scramble Leader badge, are done with this course at this point.  Those pursuing a Scramble Leader badge will move on together with a mentor to lead scrambles.

Successful leaders will be invited to return the following season to pursue the Winter Scramble Leader badge.

Prerequisites for this course include:

  • Current Wilderness First Aid Course
  • Basic Navigation Course
  • Avalanche Awareness Course

Candidates for the Winter Scramble Leader badge will be required to complete an AIARE Level One Course before starting the mentored trip process.

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Course Materials

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