Alpine Scrambling Equivalency - Tacoma - 2023

Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Equivalency - Tacoma

The Alpine Scrambling Equivalency program is intended for those who have prior experience scrambling up mountains and would like to apply those skills on scramble trips with The Mountaineers. This equivalency course allows participants to demonstrate skills needed to join Mountaineers scramble trips.

The Mountaineers recognizes that people have moved to the Pacific Northwest with prior scrambling experience or have acquired skills through other means.  If you already have the skills to scramble safely, then you may be eligible to participate in the equivalency program . Due to the inherent risks of scrambling and to ensure consistent training, we provide a rigorous process for obtaining equivalency.  

Equivalency candidates  will have, and be able to demonstrate, adequate skills in rock travel, snow travel - to include ice ax arrest - and winter camping.

To earn the Alpine Scrambling badge, successful completion of the equivalency process is required together with completion of the Basic Navigation, Wilderness First Aid and Low Impact Recreation Courses which can be taken with the current season's course.  

Please do not register for this course unless you have received an offer to do so.

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