Alpine Scrambling Course - Tacoma - 2024

Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Course - Tacoma


(Please Read before registering)

Most Northwest mountain summits are accessible by scramble routes. In this course you will learn how to reach those non-technical snow and rock summits. Comprehensive instruction includes proper equipment and clothing, route finding, avalanche awareness and avoidance, rock and off-trail scrambling, snow travel, ice-ax arrest, glissade techniques and wilderness ethics. Alpine scrambles are moderate to strenuous outings involving off-trail travel. They are generally summit oriented with class 2 or 3 climbing on rock or equally exposed snow slopes. Scrambles do not involve travel over glaciers or rock where a climbing harness and roped protection are called for. Scrambles often visit many of the same destinations as technical climbs, just using different routes.

The Tacoma Branch Alpine Scrambling course consists of seven training events (activities and/or field trips).  Students must register for, attend, and complete all seven events to complete this course and be eligible for graduation.  Students who have not already completed a Wilderness First Aid Course, a Basic Navigation Course, and a Stewardship activity will need to register and complete each of these prerequisites to graduate from this course. 

The 2024 course will be conducted in an indoor and outdoor in-person environment. 


2024 Students will have a guaranteed space available when registering for our dedicated  Wilderness First Aid Course, Basic Navigation Course & Stewardship Activity.

We are offering two, full day Wilderness First Aid courses with space dedicated to 2024 Alpine Scrambling students.  Students can choose to attend a single, full day class on March 3rd or April 14th.  A link to this course will be sent to registered Alpine Scrambling students.  An additional Wilderness First Aid course fee will be applicable.

Our Navigation course will begin on April 16th and the Field Trip will take place at Irish Cabin on the second day of Camp ONE while we're already onsite.  A link to this course will be sent to registered 2024 Alpine Scrambling students.  An additional Basic Navigation course fee will be applicable.

At the conclusion of our 2024 training evolution, students can earn a full day Stewardship credit after completing our activity at Northwest Trek on June 1st.  Last season, students and instructors rebuilt the porcupine exhibit and refreshed the wolverine and eagle exhibits. 

NOTE:  Current WFA,  NAV and Stewardship badges must be in your profile to graduate Alpine Scrambling.  If you have already taken these courses and will remain current through October 31, 2024, you do not need to retake these courses or activity.

Required Equipment

Alpine scramble activities require participants to be equipped with, and properly trained in using, an ice axe, climbing helmet, and mountaineering-style boots.  Additionally, proper clothing, pack and the Ten Essentials will be needed to participate safely and comfortably. 


The Mountaineers strive to serve everyone, regardless of ability to pay. We are committed to providing access to outdoor recreation, education, and conservation opportunities for all members of the communities we serve. More information on financial assistance is available here.


Alpine Scrambling is a highly sought-after course.  As a  courtesy to other potential students and those who will be placed on the  roster waitlist, a cancellation policy will be applied as follows: 

  • Students may cancel the course at will before February 10th, 2024 for a full refund less a $10 fee.
  • No refunds will be approved after February 10th unless a replacement student can be registered before February 16th, 2024. It is the responsibility of the canceling student to find a replacement.
  • No refunds will be approved after February 16th, 2024. 

Please refrain from registering for this course if you are currently waitlisted for your preferred branch's course.  

Make-Up Dates 

There are no make-up dates available for any of the published course activities. If you cannot commit to the published dates, please reconsider applying for this course and leave a spot for another student.

Back-Up Dates 

In the event a course related activity is cancelled due to weather or any safety related reason, the Committee will work together with the students to develop a remedy. Students are encouraged to understand that there may be circumstances beyond the control of the training leadership.


Feel free to reach out to the course instruction team using our Discord channel.

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Tacoma Scrambling Field Trip - Camp ONE
Irish Cabin Property
Sat, May 4, 2024 -
Sun, May 5, 2024
Registration closes May 2
21 participants
6 instructors
Tacoma Scrambling Field Trip - Camp TWO
Bullion Basin
Sat, May 18, 2024 -
Sun, May 19, 2024
Registration closes May 16
10 participants
7 instructors
Tacoma Scrambling Activity - Team Stewardship (optional)
Northwest Trek Wildlife Park
Sat, Jun 1, 2024
Registration closes May 30
13 participants
Required Equipment

A list of required equipment is included in the course materials and will be discussed at the Kick-Off meeting. We suggest you wait until the completion of this event before buying lots of equipment. Information will be provided then regarding ice axe, helmet, Prusiks, boots, etc.


Course Materials