Alpine Scrambling Course - Tacoma - 2019

Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Course - Tacoma

Most Northwest mountain summits are accessible by scramble routes. Check out photos from previous years.  In this course you will learn how to reach those non-technical snow and rock summits. Comprehensive instruction includes proper equipment and clothing, route finding, avalanche awareness and avoidance, rock and off-trail scrambling, snow travel, ice-ax arrest, glissade techniques and wilderness ethics. Alpine scrambles are moderate to strenuous outings involving off-trail travel. They are generally summit oriented with class 2 or 3 climbing on rock or equally exposed snow slopes. Scrambles do not involve travel over glaciers or rock where a climbing harness and roped protection are called for. Scrambles often visit many of the same destinations as technical climbs, just using different routes.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

A list of required equipment is included in the course materials and will be discussed at Lecture 1. We suggest you wait until lecture 1 before buying lots of equipment. Information will be provided then regarding ice axe, helmet, prusiks, boots, etc.


Course Materials
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Tacoma Alpine Scrambling Course Lectures and Quizzes

Be sure to complete assigned Reading complete the online, self correcting Quiz before each lecture. Quiz is required, link at end of lecture packet.

Tacoma Alpine Scrambling Course Field Trip Packets

Rock 1 and 2, Snow 1 and 2, Overnight Snow Camping Gear rental and purchase chart

Course Forms

Graduation Application Form , Tacoma Alpine Scramble Lecture/Field Trip Make-up Form