Seattle Open Water Instructor Training


Seattle Open Water Instructor Training - Lake Washington

Training for instructors helping out with the Open Water student session for the Basic Sea Kayaking course. Focus will be both on skills and the delivery of content.

  • Easy
  • Maximum Wind: 15 kts

Be geared up and ready for briefing at 9.30 am at the launch spot by Sail Sand Point. We should be off the water around 3pm. After paddling please join us for refreshments at Magnusson Brewing as a thank you for volunteering.

This clinic is primarily for those assisting at the Basic Class. We will spend time reviewing the skills taught at the class with a lot of focus on delivery of the content to make learning fun and of value to participants.

Required homework prior to the class, please sign up for and take the following elearning course.

Foundations of Instruction eLearning Course - 2022 — The Mountaineers


Lake Washington

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Immersion gear, boat etc etc.

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