Kayaking in Moving Water


Kayaking in Moving Water - Deception Pass

Participants will learn and experiment with the effects of tidal currents when ferrying, crossing eddy lines, and using back eddies.

  • Sea Kayak IV
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 5.0 nm
  • Maximum Wind: 15 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 3 ft
  • Maximum Currents: 4 kts
  • Pace: 3 kts

Meet at Deception Pass Bowman Bay Picnic area at 8:30 am, for a 9:30 am launch.

This paddle is reserved for participants of the Paddle and Camp weekend at DP.  All participants must be vaccinated for COVID-19.

This class is to develop skills in moving water created by tidal currents. Moving water is not only the overall flow of the water but also the boils, rips, and eddies that are created. We will look at and experiment with ferrying, crossing eddy lines for different purposes, and eddy hopping. Rescue practice in still and moving water will occur.

We will be paddling in the Strawberry Island area as well in Deception  and or Canoe Pass. Given the timing of the currents, There will be beach break roughly at 11:30 am and again at 2:00 pm. Please have snacks and water handy that can be eaten between the beach breaks if needed.

Expect to be off the water around 3 pm

# Disclaimer: These data are based upon the latest information
# available as of the date of your request, and may
# differ from the published tidal current tables.
# Product Type: 48 Hours Current Predictions
# Station ID: PUG1701
# Depth: 18 feet
# Station Name: Deception Pass (Narrows)
# Latitude: 48.4062
# Longitude: -122.6431
# Station Type: Harmonic
# Data Range: 48 Hours
# From: 2023-10-07 to 2023-10-08
# Units: knots
# Time Zone: LST/LDT
# Mean Flood Dir: 108∞ (T)
# Mean Ebb Dir: 277∞ (T)

 Date Time (LST/LDT) Event Speed (knots)

2023-10-08 01:36 AM ebb -3.94
2023-10-08 05:30 AM slack -
2023-10-08 09:36 AM flood 3.88
2023-10-08 12:06 PM slack -
2023-10-08 03:54 PM ebb -5.27
2023-10-08 06:54 PM slack -
2023-10-08 09:54 PM flood 2.36
2023-10-08 11:54 PM slack -

Daily Tide Predictions
State: WA
Stationid: 9448614
Prediction Type: Harmonic
From: 20231008 05:48 - 20231008 23:24
Units: Feet
Time Zone: LST_LDT
Datum: MLLW
Interval Type: High/Low

Date Day Time Pred High/Low
2023/10/08 Sun 05:48 AM 0.66 L
2023/10/08 Sun 02:49 PM 7.37 H
2023/10/08 Sun 09:11 PM 5.07 L
2023/10/08 Sun 11:24 PM 5.29 H


Deception Pass

  • Sea Trails Deception Pass and Skagit Bay WA101

    NOAA Bellingham to Everett No. 18423

    NOAA Anacortes to Skagit Bay No. 18427
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

These eight essentials plus The Ten Essentials are required on all sea kayaking trips.  All but the whistle and clothing should be provided with any kayak rental.

  1. Flotation in both ends of the kayak
  2. U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  3. Paddle
  4. Spray skirt
  5. Bilge pump with flotation
  6. Self-rescue paddle float
  7. Waterproof whistle
  8. Appropriate clothing for the conditions encountered seasonally
  9. Helmet
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