Salt Water - Activity

Seminar: Skills Practice

Salt Water - Activity - Golden Gardens

Skills practice conducive to conditions and participants' abilities

  • Sea Kayak II/III
  • Easy

Meet at 9 am, on the water by 9:30. Meet at Golden Gardens, just north of Shilshole Marina. Meet at the north end of the public launch parking lot, south end of the beach, near the creek.

Off the water by 11:30am        Expand to view Leader's Notes:

We will stay in the area and practice skills.  The menu of the day will be dependent upon conditions and participant choice. This skills sessions is accessible to all levels of experience.  Strokes, maneouvers, paddle float re-entries, re-entry assist practice are possibilites.  Being safe and having fun are guaranteed.  Dress for immersion in 55 degree water, drysuit required.   Neoprene cap HIGHLY recommended.  Nose plugs are useful.


Golden Gardens

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Kayak and all the necessary equipment to paddle.

Immersion gear required.

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