Sea Kayak Navigation - Seattle - 2019

Sea Kayaking Course

Sea Kayak Navigation

Sea Kayak Navigation consists of an "on-land" classroom seminar, and "on the water" navigation.

This course consists of 2 different events/activities; on-land and on the water. Each activity is mutually exclusive. 

Participants can take one without the other, except for those who needs to fulfill the requirement for intermediate badge.  To be signed off you must have taken both the class room (on-land) and on the water.

Please visit the Required Equipment tab below when you register for this course.

Note: Those who take the "on-land" class room seminar will have the priority to register for the "on the water" trip.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

For the class you need a laptop, tablet or notebook. Cell phone is too small to do the work. You also need a protractor and  drafting compass  for measuring angle and distance. A parallel ruler or 2 triangle rulers.

For on the water, besides a kayak and all the paddling essentials you must have a marine compass and a watch. You also need a VHF radio to practice a call to Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)

Recommended Book: Fundamental of Kayak Navigation by David Burch

Course Materials

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