Marine Coastal Navigation - Seattle - 2019

Sailing Course

Marine Coastal Navigation

Marine Coastal Navigation for Sailors Course - Seattle - 2019

Place: Seattle Program Center, Cascade Room  Time: 6:30 pm

Course will consist of two classroom sessions plus one on the water day sail.      Dates for sails will be determined at the class.

Become comfortable navigating a sailboat on the Salish Sea (Puget Sound) for a day sail or overnight cruise. This course will build on the navigation skills learned in the Mountaineer's Basic Crewing Class. 

After completing the course, you will have learned:  

  • Tools of the Trade - paper charts, compass, difference between true and magnetic north, plotting aids, computer-based charts;
  • Dead Reckoning - using speed, time traveled and distance traveled to plan a route;
  • Piloting - Using known landmarks, chart information and currents to determine and track your position;
  • Basics of Computer-based Navigation - Introduction to use of GPS and electronic charting software at home and onboard.

If the course is full, please join the waiting list as we could add additional spaces in the future.

Badges you will earn: