Navigation Activity #3 of 4 - In-Person Workshop

Lecture: Wilderness Navigation Course - Winter

Navigation Activity #3 of 4 - In-Person Workshop - Online Classroom

The third of four activities to complete the Seattle Wilderness Navigation course.

  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP:  This activity will be completed at-home.

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The prerequisite activities include completing the eLearning Workshop (activity #1) and GPS Online Module (activity #2). 


This activity is the "at-home" version of our In-Person workshop.  Students will be provided with a workshop packet. They will work through the packet at home and upload it to an instructor by the April 10th deadline for grading. Instructors will be available via e-mail or phone to answer student questions. 


You'll need 2 maps for this workshop, the USGS Baring and USGS Index maps described on the main Course Page. (link to the right).  You must purchase these maps in advance, and the best source is the Online Bookstore at  See the course page for the links.

Rescheduling or cancellation:

 If you must cancel or reschedule then please do so as soon as you can to open room for people on the wait list.  After registration closes you can make changes by contacting the course leader or by contacting Member Services.

Be prepared to answer student questions via e-mail or phone. You will be provided with the instructor version of the workshop packet. 


Required Equipment

Required Equipment

See Course Materials tab and Required Equipment tab on the course page for more details on these items. 

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