Naturalists Leadership Training Course - Seattle - 2022

Naturalist Course

Naturalists Leadership Training Course

Join us for this 2 day intensive course (1 morning lecture and 2 half-day local field trips) to learn and practice the skills and knowledge to successfully lead Naturalist Hikes and Field Trips for the Introduction to the Natural World course.

 Please read the entire entry before applying. 

Course Description:

This course will cover 5 of the 8 Key Elements outlined in the Clubwide Standards for Naturalist leaders. It also offers the opportunity to build relationships with fellow aspiring leaders, current Naturalist leaders, and potential mentors. The course is an intensive training program to help those with the Intro to the Natural World course badge interested in becoming leaders develop those skills in a structured course to accelerate their ability to qualify as a leader. Please do not register for the course unless you have been notified that your application has been approved. We limit the number of aspiring leaders in order to do small-group and hands-on work. Please reach out to one or both of the course leaders if you have any questions about applying.  We encourage individuals underrepresented in the outdoors and the club to apply.

Course Objectives:

Learn to be a strong leader for Naturalist hikes and course field trips, through instruction on leadership and on field identification

  • Learn various leadership tactics
  • Develop confidence in the use of guidebooks and guide apps
  • Learn to use plant and bird lists for specific hikes or regions, while brushing up on plant and bird identification
  • Learn to list Mountaineers’ activities on the website
  • Practice your leadership skills through scenarios in the field.

Please note: Graduation from this course does not guarantee a leader badge. A separate leadership application to the branch Naturalist committee and subsequent approval to lead a mentored Naturalist Hike, as well as a successful mentored lead are required to earn your Naturalist Leader badge.  Prospective leaders will also need to meet the Navigation and First Aid requirements to become a leader. 

Pre-Class Requirements

Please plan to spend time preparing for this weekend to get the most out of it and support the rest of the group in their learning goals. 

  1. Complete the online course Foundations of Leadership (eLearning).
  2. Read and watch the items in this document on leadership and preparedness.
  3. Optional and helpful in making field trips more learning: Foundations of Instruction (eLearning).
  4. How to Schedule and Manage Activities: Read through these instructions before the class to gain an overview of this process. An instructor will give an example of it interactively, but you will understand that much better if you have studied this first.
  5. Obtain the Low Impact Recreation badge
  6. Check out the Burke Museum Herbarium Image Collection
  7. Download to smart phone the following apps
    1. Washington Wildflower Search
    2. Merlin Bird app
    3. PNW Trees
    4. Optional – Burke Museum’s Washington Wildflowers ($10)

 Course Format

We will meet for an in-person lecture on Saturday morning. (Time TBD) Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning will be spent outdoors near the University of Washington and Magnuson Park. All 3 sessions are required. Participants will be sent detailed information before the course starts.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Additional badges needed to graduate


Required Equipment

Tablets or smartphone to use with apps.  Conifer charts from the INW course.

Course Materials

You must register for this course to see course materials.