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Mountain weather for Mountaineers - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Mountain Weather Forecasting for the Washington Cascades and Olympics: Designed For climbers and scramblers. Michael Fagin, Operational Meteorologist, for West Coast Weather (Washington Online Weather) has provided weather forecasts for many of the Mountaineer members since the 1990’s. Michael will discuss the Puget Sound Convergences Zone, Marine Push, Thermal Trough, Upper Trough, Blocking Ridge and how these impact our mountain weather. Michael will share his favorite weather web sites and give insight on how certain weather patterns impact popular climbing and scrambling areas.

  • Thu, May 17, 2018
  • Seattle Climbing
  • Climbing
  • Adults
  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

7-9pm in Goodman B


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

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