Advanced Alpine Rock Course - Seattle - 2023

Climbing Course

Alpine Rock Course

Advanced Alpine Rock Course - will present skills, tactics, and strategies necessary to accomplish mountain objectives safely and efficiently. The format will be six clinics using drills and testing to reinforce the topics.

This course teaches advanced alpine rock skills and techniques to climbers pursuing moderate to complex alpine rock objectives. Students learn and apply new skills on artificial walls that will transfer to rock environments. The course is for those comfortable leading 5.8, or higher trad multi-pitch climbs and with alpine climbing experience.

Applicants should have the following:
-Intermediate Multi-pitch Trad course or equivalent.
-Comfortable leading 5.8 or higher trad multi-pitch climbs
-Climbed at least six multi-pitch routes longer than three pitches
-Should be exercising skills typical of the Intermediate Multi-pitch Trad course
-Alpine climbing experience.
These are preferred requirements and are subject to review. The intent is that the applicant can assimilate the material and build on their prior experience and knowledge.

The topics include:
-Difficult situations
-Prep & Planning

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Advanced Alpine Rock Course - Practice Session
Seattle Program Center
Mon, Jun 5, 2023
Registration closed Apr 3
7 participants
Seattle Program Center
Mon, Jun 12, 2023
Registration closed Apr 3
7 participants
Required Equipment

Equipment needed

-Climbing harness

-4 Locking carabiners (at least one HMS)


-one quickdraw

-one 60cm alpine draw  w/ 2 carabiners

-one 120cm (or 180cm) alpine draw   w/ 1 carabiner

auto block loop

Gri-Gri (optional)

PCD e.g. Tibloc, Micro-Traxion, etc. (optional)

Course Materials

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