Volunteers areneeded to be "patients" for the MOFA Moulage Scenarios. Volunteers will get a fabulous MOFA do-over- with wounds and bruises that will elicit sympathy from friends and family.
14 ( 16 capacity)

Be part of this fun MOFA tradition.   Volunteers from the Mountaineers community are made-up to resemble injuries that could be occur in mountaineering accidents.  We utilize three to four accident scenarios, and each volunteer is part of one of the scenarios.    MOFA students rotate between the scenarios and apply skills learned in class to diagnose, treat injuries and ensure the safety of all parties.

We usually start applying moulage around 9:30am.   Volunteer arrival  times will be staggered between 9:30 am and 11:30am.   Moulage scenarios begin after lunch and will last until approximately  3:30pm