Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Field trip: Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) - Griffin Fire District Station 1

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course offered by the Olympia Branch. This hybrid class will be taught remotely by Base Medical personnel. You will have approximately 8 hours of digitally formated independent instruction, then 8 hours on Saturday with remote instruction and evaluation by on-line Instructors, via Zoom. Olympia Scrambling and Climbing students given first priority (until Oct 10).

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Class will be on-line only, with the Instructor led session 8 to 5 on Saturday Oct 28th.  You will need a camera system (ex: the camera system on your laptop), and a volunteer “patient” to demonstrate your skills on. The best patient would be another student participating in the class, so that you could demonstrate on each other. This class will also work as a recertification WFA class. Discount codes available for both recertifying students and for Olympia Leaders with two or more trips led in the last 12 months. See below. There will be no refunds available for any students dropping the class after the issuance of the access codes for the remote study.  All remote study must be completed before you will be allowed to join the class on Saturday Oct 28th.

Charge for the class is $200, with the class discounted down to $140 for students who are recertifying (must have taken WFA within 3 years of the registration date).  Recertifying Olympia trip leaders with 3 or more trip leads in the last 12 months will be allowed to take the class no charge.  Please contact course Leader for discount codes.


Griffin Fire District Station 1

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Computer or other device to access online course work.
  • Connection to high-speed internet and a device with a speaker and camera for remote practical session.
  • Demonstration First Aid supplies to be announced.
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