"Staying Found" Basic Navigation for Hikers and Backpackers


"Staying Found" Basic Navigation for Hikers and Backpackers - Tradition Lake Interpretive Shelter

Hands-on field day focused on learning and practicing key skills useful to maintain an ongoing awareness of where you are and find yourself if you get lost, in even the most complicated trail system.

  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

Tradition Lake Interpretive Shelter, Tiger Mountain State Park starting at 9:AM.  Please arrive by 8:45 to get equipment ready and get help setting declination on your compass if necessary.

This hands-on field training day focuses on skills and practice to become confident reading a topographic map against the features of the terrain around you, get important information from a compass and altimeter, and maintain a steady awareness of where you are as well as how to find yourself if you get temporarily misplaced. 

This clinic begins with an hour of instruction, followed by a 45-minute field exercise, a trip planning exercise, and concludes with a 3-5 mile hike led by instructors applying the skills you learned. Bring your lunch and be prepared to hike, rain or shine.  The clinic concludes at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Backpacking Building Blocks students are eligible for a 50% discount.  Contact the Staying Found administrative lead at mritala@comcast.net if you need the discount code.


Tradition Lake Interpretive Shelter

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Required:  Compass with adjustable declination is required (sighting mirror helpful);  Ten Essentials, including warm clothing and raingear; clipboard and pencil

Altimeter is recommended but not required

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