Tow and Incident Management Clinic


Tow and Incident Management Clinic - Deception Pass

A kayak tow clinic for beginners (in towing). Learn how, when, and why to tow someone with your kayak.

  • Sea Kayak II/III+
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 6.0 nm
  • Maximum Wind: 12 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 1.5 ft
  • Maximum Currents: 3.5 kts
  • Pace: Varies

Updated 9/21/23

Meeting Place:  Cornet Bay Kayak Launch Area by the bathrooms. (not the power boat ramp). Location subject to change.

Meeting Time:  8:30AM 

Launch Time:  9:30AM 

This is a State Park so Discovery Pass is required.

This is an introductory clinic to towing and incident management.  The course is open to all Mountaineer members from all branches who have the Basic Sea Kayak Badge as a minimum. We intend to focus on the basics and make this clinic appropriate for recent and current kayak course students.

Check the Required Equipment tab for important information.

Per the agreement between the branch sea kayak committees, this clinic will cost $40 for participants.  Open only to current Mountaineers Members.

The clinic and paddle will include:

  • Beach instruction on risk assessment and incident management
  • Tow Belt Education and Towing Techniques
  • On water practice of the various types of towing
  • Rescue Scenarios and Practice

It is NOT our intent to replicate the "normal" Cornet/Skagit/Hope Island/Ala Spit/Hoypus Point route.  Our "route" and specific clinic location on the water will be determined by conditions, participant's capabilities, and the group's consensus.  

Lunch will be away from launch area on some beach so pack lunch, snacks, water, etc.

Clinic will last approximately 7 hours starting from launch time.

An optional post clinic rehydration/calorie replacement gathering will take place at Shawn O'Donnell's Skagit Valley Farmhouse, 13724 LaConner Whitney Rd, Mount Vernon, WA 98273.

Check the Required Equipment tab for important information.


Deception Pass

  • Sea Trails Deception Pass and Skagit Bay WA101

    NOAA Bellingham to Everett No. 18423

    NOAA Anacortes to Skagit Bay No. 18427
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

The kayaking essentials (see below) plus the Ten Essentials

In addition you must have a tow belt.

  • Kayak Tow Belt:  Your own or a borrowed one. (See info about a loaner below).  There are several different brands. This needs to be a tow BELT, not a throw bag.  Some brands include:

NRS: NRS Kayak Tow Line | REI Co-op

North Water:Tow Lines & Throw Lines – North Water

Kokatat: Kokatat Slipstream Tow Line - 50' | Kayak Academy

Seals: Seals Tow Rope Belt: 50' - Paddle (

The Everett Sea Kayak Committe has two tow belts that we will loan out to the first two people that contact Bill Coady to reserve the loaners.

  • Flotation in both ends of the kayak
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  • Paddle
  • Spray skirt
  • Bilge pump with flotation
  • Self-rescue paddle float
  • Waterproof whistle
  • Dry Suit:  We strongly recommend a dry suit because you will be in the water (on purpose) at different times of the day and who knows if you might end up their accidentally also :-).  If you choose to wear a wet suit you will be expected to be in the water just as if you were wearing a dry suit's late September......the water will be cold.........the weather could be cool/cold........wear a dry suit!


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