Everett Sea Kayaking Committee

Everett Sea Kayaking Committee

We conduct the sea kayaking program for the Everett Branch, including the Basic Course, Intermediate Course, clinics, and student and club paddles. Please join us...


Paddle Development Weekend

What is Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking involves paddling on flat water like lakes and oceans. It's very different from whitewater kayaking on fast-moving rivers. If visiting some of the most dynamic places on the planet, bird watching or slipping onto a lake after work with new friends interests you, then the kayaking with the Everett Mountaineers  is for you.

Learn To Kayak

For everyone's safety, Sea Kayaking is restricted to Mountaineers who have demonstrated proficiency by earning the Sea Kayaking badge.  Each year, Everett (and other branches) offer an affordable course to satisfy that requirement. To search for upcoming courses, clinics, and seminars click here.

Sea Kayak Equivalency

Already know how to kayak? Click here to apply for your Sea Kayaking badge by submitting the Mountaineers Sea Kayak Equivalency Application.


Kayakers from all branches are invited to participate in Everett courses and trips.