Top 10 Trip Reports - September 2021

Every month, we sort through trip reports Mountaineers have posted from their adventures. After that, we pick our favorites and celebrate them here!
Issy Steckel Issy Steckel
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October 01, 2021
Top 10 Trip Reports - September 2021

Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and the air is feeling crisp. No matter how you decide to enjoy autumn, there’s one thing we can all agree on: We’re lucky to live in a place where fall is this awesome.

This month, enjoy the trip reports from 4 scrambles, a backpacking trip, a stewardship activity, a day hike, 2 climbs, and a Global Adventure trip -- and see how fellow Mountaineers are stretching out summer adventures. 

Click on the photos to read the full reports from the volunteers and members.

Alpine Scramble - Governors Ridge & Barrier Peak - 9/6 

Governors Ridge .jpeg

"We had a good track and good beta thanks to Jerrick Linde who did this trip in 2020. Also, an attempt that was made in August in which we had to turn back provided additional information to achieve the next section."

With a handful of tips, this trip report is a great reminder for why it's important, as a community, to share our trip reports. On the one hand, these reports are a way to see stunning landscapes and happy hikers or find information about downed trees, muddy trails and other information to help you plan your next trip. And on the other, these details help keep other outdoor enthusiasts safe and ensure trails get the maintenance they need.

Stewardship - Three Fingers/South Peak - 9/6

Three Fingers.jpeg

"14hr, 33 mile c2c trip with nighttime gravel biking, glacier viewing, glissading, stemming, meadow sitting, bush-hacking, and berry picking." 

Did you know Three Fingers Lookout is on the National Register of Historic Places? Since the mid-1980s, The Everett Mountaineers have collaborated with a number of organizations to restore and maintain the lookout. This epic trip report gives the play-by-play of a recent stewardship scramble to supply needed equipment/materials for a major repair of this beloved place. Thanks to all the participants for giving back to conserve our public lands! 

Backpack - Olympic Coast South: The Wildcatter Coast - 9/9 to 9/12 


"It was a great trip and as always the coast did not disappoint. Even during the wetter periods the temperatures stayed comfortably in the 50's with no wind so the ocean could still be enjoyed to the fullest."

Check out the panoramic views and varied costal terrain that made this recent backpacking trip so memorable! 

Global Adventures - Trek Hut to Hut on the Alta Via 1 in Italy's Dolomites - 9/9 to 9/17


"Trails are very rugged even when rated 'moderate' in the trekking guidebooks, with lots of boulder hopping and descents, ascents and traverses of steep scree slopes. For this reason, the route is more exhausting than the miles and elevation changes indicate. You need to be very fit to take on this trek, and sturdy footwear and trekking poles are a must!"

Dedicated Mountaineers volunteers have been leading trips outside the PNW since the 1960's. In a recent Global Adventure, Cheryl Talbert led a group of lucky Mountaineers on an 8 day trek from Lago de Braies to La Pissa in the Dolomites. Her trip report paints a picture of the route, scenery, and lodging - and I'm doing my best to live vicariously through it. 

Alpine Scramble - Wahpenayo Peak, Denman Peak Traverse - 9/11 


"An outstanding fall trip with lots of diverse scenery and time to forget the cares of lowland life."

This scramble is the epitome of a perfect fall trip, spanning meadows, summits, lakes, waterfalls, and river crossings in one day. 

Alpine Scramble - Putrid Pete's Peak, Web Mountain & Mount Defiance - 9/11

Putrid's Peak.jpeg

"For two scramble students, this was their last graduation scramble (congratulations), and for the third one, this was one of the last 2 they needed. The 2 scramble grads on this trip were thinking of applying for the Intermediate program (good luck), and clocking in mountain time. The leader appreciated the opportunity to vent after an exhausting week at work. Overall a pretty productive trip."

Huge shout-out to the students who completed their last graduation scrambles! Lots of smiling faces and scenic snack breaks are featured in this trip report. Sounds like a great day in the mountains.

Alpine Scramble - Rampart Ridge (Snoqualmie) - 9/11

Rampart Ridge.jpeg

"We had ideal conditions for this scramble. The overnight showers had cleared any lingering smoke from the air. Some low clouds in the morning kept it cool for the ascent and then cleared out in time for crystal clear views from the summit and warm summit lounging. Fall colors were beginning to show and there were still blueberries to be found. We had a great group of competent scramblers and 3 students completed their graduation scramble." 

Congrats to another group of scramble course grads! Find out more here about this short, sweet, and rocky scramble. 

Basic Alpine Climb - South Twin Sister/West Ridge - 9/16

Climb.jpeg"Although considered a climb, the route can easily be completed without a rope. Super fun for those who are comfortable with lots of class 3 and occasional class 4 moves and much exposure in some areas." 

Can you recognize all the peaks in the distance from the summit of this climb? Check out these photos and test your knowledge  of the Cascade Range. 

Day Hike - Blanca Lake - 9/21

Blanca Lake.jpeg"If you've been waiting to do Blanca Lake now is the time to go. The bugs are gone and the berries on the ridge are ripe."

Looking for a fall hike with a view? Brandon Harker has you covered in this recent trip report

Intermediate Alpine Climb - Black Peak/Northeast Ridge - 9/24 to 9/25

Alpine Climb.jpeg

"We were aiming to cross the notorious boulder field by the Lewis Lake before dark, and glad that it worked out this way. It would be easy to twist one's ankle doing this in the dark. This will be all but impossible to cross safely once a thin snow dusting covers it." 

This report is detailed and clear, a great resource if considering this rock climb sometime soon, before the snow starts to pile up on the route. 

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