Get Outside with the Photography Committee

A slew of activities have been added by the Seattle Photography Committee through the end of August. Many of these activities are suitable for the naturalist and any other member who wants to move at a low pace.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair
March 13, 2017
Get Outside with the Photography Committee

We go outside to find inspiration, and the experience is even richer when we can capture beautiful images of the places where we play. If you're looking to get outside and while taking your photography skills to the next level, check out these upcoming courses from our Photography Committee.


Basic Photography Course - April 8, 2017

Disappointed by bad images? Totally mystified by all the controls and menus on your camera? Then this is the course for you. We combine both lecture on Basic Photography techniques and camera operation and a hands-on section that will demystify your camera so that you can make better images. The lecture portion will cover all the basic photography techniques including the secrets to easily improve your images by of using light and composition. The course is open to all camera types including smartphone.

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Intro to Mobile Photography - May 6, 2017

Mobile photography is like a 'gateway drug' of photography. This phenomenon has made taking amazing photos easier and more accessible than ever. Everyone from your sister to your grandma might be taking mobile photos, but there is in fact a technical craft to doing it well that makes the best really stand out.

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Mobile Photography at the Seattle Central Library - March 18, 2017

We will be taking photos using our smart devices (iPhone, Android, Windows, iPad, or tablet). This is an opportunity to focus on composition and explore photography apps (camera and processing).  See how creative you can get using your device!

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Mima Mounds - April 15, 2017

Mima Mounds

We will take a leisurely stroll through the 2.75 miles of the mounds. Spring is the best time to visit the mounds, so we should see lots of wildflowers and wildlife. This is a great day hike for photographers and naturalists!

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Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge - April 23, 2017

We will be spending 2-3 hours walking the various trails and taking photos of anything that catches our fancy.

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Washington Park Arboretum - April 30, 2017

There is so much to see (and walk) here to photograph! After we meet up, we will choose our own path, photographing as we go.

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Volunteer Park Conservatory - May 7, 2017

Since this is the first Saturday of the month, there is no entrance fee! There are numerous kinds of plants/flowers/trees to photography or just enjoy.

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Bloedel Reserve - May 21, 2017

Bloedel Reserve

We'll be on a leisurely pace so that we can photograph the various plants, trees and flowers. Those who just want to enjoy the garden and try and identify the vegetation may do so....our pace should be about the same.

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Big Four Ice Caves - June 24, 2017

Hike at a leisurely pace to the end of the Big 4 trail. Bring a snack to eat before heading back down and exploring some of the other short, level trails where there once was a golf course (but now is a beaver habitat) and the Big Four Inn (which burned down in 1949). There should be lots of wildflowers to photograph and there are usually lots of birds (including cedar wax wings).

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Pike Place Market - July 9, 2017

Meet at Rosie the Pig at 8am. This is before the official opening of the market, so we can get some shots of the vendors opening up.

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Hurricane Hill - July 22, 2017

Hurricane Hill

In time for wildflowers! We will leave the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center and drive from the visitor's center to the end of Hurricane Ride Road and the Hurricane Hill trailhead (1.3 miles) and park near the picnic area. We will then hike at a leisurely pace to the top of Hurricane Hill. This is roughly a 3-mile round trip.

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Marymere Falls & Barnes Creek - July 23, 2017

We will hike at a leisurely pace to Marymere Falls, exploring the Moments in Time trail along the way. Upon our return to the lodge (roughly a 6 mile round trip), we may explore Bouvee's Meadow and Barnes Cove, depending on the time.

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Crystal Mountain Resort Ridge Walk - August 6, 2017

Great time for wildflowers! We will take the gondola up to the summit, enjoying scenic views as we ascend. At the summit, we will exit the gondola, then walk at a leisurely pace down the ridge towards the top of the Green Valley Chairlift and continue down the service road toward the Northway Charlift or further out to Morning Glory Bowl, taking photos along the way.

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Paradise Area - August 20, 2017

Starting at the Paradise Inn, we will take the Skyline Trail to Myrtle Falls (.5 miles). We'll continue onto the Golden Gate Trail to where it connects with the Skyline Trail (1.5 miles) where will turn around the head back to Paradise Inn (round trip roughly 4 miles and 1000 ft. elevation gain).

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