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Encouraging News for the Elwha Restoration Project

We are thrilled to hear that biologists have observed the largest Chinook salmon run since 1992 in the Elwha River and that dam removal is back on schedule. Biologists counted 1,741 adult Chionook and mapped 763 redds (salmon nests) between the mouth of the river and Glines Canyon dam. Of the total salmon counted during the one-day survey, 75% were observed upstream of the former Elwha Dam site. Read more…

Everything You Need To Know Before Hitting The Crag

Dogs at the trailhead, belayers in lawn chairs, long lines queued up at the classics in Eldorado Canyon — the crags seem more crowded and more crazy than ever. In fact, according to the Outdoor Industry association, in the United States more than 3.6 million people participated in climbing in 2011. Many of these new climbers are entering outdoor climbing solely through rock gyms, without having the opportunity to apprentice with an experienced friend or mentor— resulting in climbing accidents and conflicts. How do you become a responsible crag citizen? Read more…