Need a Great Wedding Gift Idea?

The latest release from Mountaineers Books Skipstone line, Fresh Pantry, makes a perfect wedding or shower gift for summer 2014.
Lace Thornberg Lace Thornberg
June 02, 2014
Need a Great Wedding Gift Idea?
Fresh Pantry by Amy Pennington

Give a Great New Cookbook like Fresh Pantry
Headed to a wedding this summer? Of course, you want to bring a gift that is meaningful, practical, fun, personal, inspiring, beautiful … and still within your budget.

Let us help you out by sharing this tip: The latest release from Mountaineers Books Skipstone line, Fresh Pantry, makes a perfect wedding or shower gift for summer 2014.

In Fresh Pantry, author Amy Pennington offers sound advice on how to select, prepare, and dine on fresh, in-season vegetable in a convenient month-by-month format.
Her recipes for Zucchini-Coconut Cupcakes and Smoked Trout Brandade with Pickled Rhubarb are as original as they are delicious.  

Here’s what makes Fresh Pantry a perfect gift:

  • A cookbook pairs well with registry items. You can match a cookbook with any cooking or baking implement, a serving dish, or kitchen linens to make your gift a nice blend of items the couple has registered for, plus a personal touch from ayou. 
  • Everyone eats! Give Fresh Pantry and you don’t have to worry about your gift being re-gifted, or, worse – tucked away in a closet never to be seen again. Anyone who wants to eat well is sure to find a good use for this book. 
  • This cookbook is hot off the press. Pennington’s new book was just released in May 2014, so your couple is unlikely to have picked up a copy already. But, thanks to you, they will soon be whipping us dishes that will make them the heroes of the summer bar-be-cue season. 
  • Making dinner together is a great newlywed activity. Enjoying a variety of meals like Halibut and Lovage with Ginger-Tomato Broth and Ricotta-Squash Dumpling Soup together might just help your couple prolong their matrimonial bliss. As Pennington says, “like is too short to make the same twelve dishes over and over again.”
  • Fresh Pantry looks like a cookbook, but it’s actually a guidebook to a great life. Amy’s recipes are based around eating a healthy diet of fresh, local and seasonal foods. There are gardening tips for every fruit and vegetable featured in the book. And, along with her nutritiously decadent recipes, she gives plenty of practical advice on maximizing your food budget. 
  • Give Fresh Pantry and you’re also supporting a hard-working non-profit. Mountaineers Books is a non-profit publisher, so all of our book sales revenues go directly back into creating more books that serve our mission, which is “leading readers to the lessons and pleasures of the great outdoors.”

Give Fresh Pantry as a wedding gift this summer and the happy couple will probably be so grateful that they’ll invite you over for Roasted Summer Squash with Cilantro Vinaigrette and Apple Parfait with Anise Biscotti Crumbs.


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