Mountaineers Library Update

The Mountaineers have a rich written history managed by our history committee. Learn about plans for the future of our archives on the Pacific Northwest.
Lowell Skoog Lowell Skoog
October 31, 2014
Mountaineers Library Update
Mountaineers Archives Stack C2-C1 S

Founded over 100 years ago, The Mountaineers has a long written history of setting outdoor standards and achievements. The library archives containing this history is managed by our History committee, which has recently done an overhaul to combine our books with artifacts, photos, and collections stored in our Seattle Program Center. 

I have been leading the effort to reorganize the library. All the books have been sorted and boxed up and we are slowly working to place them in new locations. Some will stay in the former library space, some will be in the upstairs archives storage room at Magnuson Park, and some will be looking for a new home outside the club. Our retention criteria focuses on Mountaineer core activities in the Pacific Northwest.

No books from the library have left the building at Magnuson (yet). The process of placing these books in their final, proper place is going slowly because volunteers are finding time where they can to devote to the project. If you of anyone you know would like to help, please contact me:

For additional information about the current and future of the archives, check out these resources:

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