Dad Day "Trip Report"

Dad Day Recap from Mountaineers Books
Webster Chang Webster Chang
June 22, 2015
Dad Day "Trip Report"
Cap on Sauk

Hope everyone enjoyed Father’s Day!

We sure did. And so, we are bringing you a special, Mountaineers Books’ Dads edition of “trip reports” that features the very best wisdom, advice, and knowledge of the Mountaineers Books team.

Name, other than "Dad": Sharief R., Daddy

Title: Distribution Center Lead

Destination: Ocean City State Park

Who You Went With: Cayne, age 5 

Why: “Because my son loves the outdoors, and he also loves to hike, fish, catch crab, and dig up bugs and chuck them at me.”

Reference: Washington’s Pacific Coast

Oceanic Salutations Advice: What did the Ocean say to the shore? Nothing, it just waved.  

Name, other than “Dad”: Eric Linxweiler

Title: Vice-President of Publishing, The Mountaineers

Destination: Sauk Mountain over the Skagit River Valley

Who You Went With: Cap (11), Lauren (9), and Whit (7)

Why:  “This is one of my all-time favorite hikes. It’s a series of ~20 switchbacks on a relatively narrow avalanche slope. That means it’s not particularly steep, and every turn gives you a dramatic view of the valley below. For kids it’s great, as they feel accomplishments every step and after an hour they are sitting on top with an astounding view of the North Cascades. As an added bonus, it has the best outhouse in all of Washington!”

Best Outhouse

 Reference: Day Hiking North Cascades, Hike #49

Ursine Hiking Advice:  I’ll have my three kids with me. The one going slowest will earn the name “bear snack”. As I always tell them, when they are asking about the dangers of bears, is that you don’t need to know how to outwit a bear, you just need to bring along someone slower than you. 

Name, other than “Dad”: Darryl B., DADA

Title: Sales Manager

Destination: Marble Creek Campground

Who You Went With: Rye, Age 2

Why: General romping about, exploring, hiking 

Find Out More: Camping Washington,  Day Hiking North Cascades

International Travel Advice: What do you see when you go to Paris?  PARASITES!



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