Tech Update 2.2 - Book Buying Made Easy

With the completion of our next website improvement launch - 2.2 - we've brought in books from our publishing wing, allowing you to now shop from hundreds of Mountaineers books publications from our new Shopping Cart.
Webster Chang Webster Chang
March 24, 2015
Tech Update 2.2 - Book Buying Made Easy
The books are here!

We're proud to announce the integration of our library of Mountaineering literature to From our award-winning guidebooks to critically-acclaimed photo books, we have something for everyone who relates with the mission of The Mountaineers!

As the Online and Content Marketing Manager at Mountaineers Books, I get to manage the online "stuff" for Mountaineers Books - which is managed separately from The Mountaineers educational programs - from the homepage, to social media, newsletters, and most other things related to the Web. Yes, my name is Web and I weave a web of content on the Web. No, I've never heard of your pun-based jokes on my name before.

Puns or no, I'm really excited to have taken part in this fantastic integration. Here's what it means for you:

      • You can now find our books at (or click "shop" at the top of every page!)
      • Only "shippable" products are available now. In the future, we'll be adding the ability to buy digital products, like ebooks and eroutes! (currently available at our books site:
      • Titles from the Mountaineers Books library (including our nature advocacy imprint, Braided River; and our green lifestyle imprint, Skipstone), plus books from our publishing partners Colorado Mountain Club and maps from the Adventure Cycling Association are now available!


    And we may have more than just books up our sleeve. Stay tuned for more announcements soon!

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