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Sail - Esther, Port of Edmonds Marina

A brisk morning sail from Kingston to Edmonds.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • It was a brisk morning, with winds maybe gusting to 15 or 20 knots.  We left Kingston and immediately put a reef in the main as soon as it was hoisted.  I started unfurling the jib and noticed an abrupt increase in wind as we came out of the lee of the land, thought better of it, and re-furled the jib.  We made hull speed neatly with the reefed main alone.

This was a trip to return Esther to Edmonds after a weekend in Kingston.  Richard caught the early ferry, and I caught the 8:50, arriving in Kingston about 9:30.  We met up at the crepe restaurant right by the docks.  We both enjoyed the "Jean Baljean" crepe, though I was sorely tempted by some with Nutella.  We then loaded and cast off under stiff winds, probably 12 to 20 knots over the course of the trip.  We hoisted the main and immediately put in the first reef.  I started unfurling the jib, then a strong gust came as we poked out from the Southern lee. I thought better of it and re-furled the jib.  We didn't need it for the rest of the trip, scooting fast across the Sound at hull speed.  Even with a slightly eased main we cut quickly across.  A bit of bouncing as we dropped sail and set the fenders, then into the calm of the marina breakwater.  We tied up safely and made it back in time to get to Shilshole for the Adventuress sail. Thanks to Richard for coming all the way up to Edmonds and being a good crew and good company.