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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Radio Tower Loop

Good winter, no mud conditioner, into to hiking.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Parked to the left of gate at other secure gate off to the side. Weekend only hike. 

    NOTE: must get off at Casino exit and take side road, parallel to 101 if driving from Olympia. No Left hand turn, cross traffic allowed at Taylor town.

Gate was locked as usual on this weekend only hike. We saw no one on the loop, one deer as observable wild life. Footing: paved road fist mile until past quary, then logging roads behind second secure gate. We choose counter clock wise hoping for views as fog burned off. Peak a boo views of Olympic mountains, no views of the Sound or Mt. Rainer due to low lying fog. 

Bring a trash bag, lots of litter along trail and there is a trash can at the quary. Leave no trace. 

Able to keep a average pace of 24 min miles per Gaia app. 

This is an option for a wide trail, get some miles and minimal elevation gain. Views are a plus on a clear day. Week days this is a working quary then working logging operation and re foresting, access is restricted.