Trip Report    

Day Hike - Glacier Basin (Monte Cristo)

Led this hike August 20, 2016. Hiked in from Barlow Pass, first to Monte Cristo, old ghost town; then on to Glacier Basin. First part easy, second part strenuous.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road to Barlow Pass is fine. Parking could be an issue on weekends, very crowded. Road into Monte Cristo was very good. Log crossing do-able. Trail from Monte Cristo to Glacier Basin should be rated strenuous. Steep areas on rock, a rope is installed to help in one area.

Led this hike August 20, 2016. Barlow Pass parking was very crowded even at 8 AM. Hiked in from Barlow Pass, crossed the log where you can see the washed out bridge over to the Monte Cristo road. About 4 miles total into Monte Cristo took us 1 hr 40 min. after starting at 8AM. After break in Monte Cristo, most went on to do Glacier Basin. That trail was quite strenuous, 1600 ft. gain in 2 mi. Had lunch at noon, turned around. Way down was more strenuous, especially on the rope installed to help on steep rocky slope. Back in Monte Cristo about 2:30 and out to Barlow Pass by 4:30 PM. 8 and a half hours total. Bring a water filter to be used at Glacier Basin or the town. Very hot day in Seattle, but breezes and altitude helped in this area.