Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Mount Pugh

Awesome day on Mt. Pugh with a great group of intrepid scramble students and grads.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail is good up to Stujack Pass. A few blowdowns and some mud, but nothing daunting. Above Stujack, the trail gets steeper and a bit rocky. Some slippery scree over rock - poles recommended. There are a couple spots on the ridgeline that are like, "Hellooo, exposure!" but most of it is highly manageable, and even the folx with admitted vertigo and fears of heights were fine. Going up, you will parallel a small glacier at climber's left. Above the head of that glacier, you'll look across a little cat walk to the scramble route, and the scramble route looks terrifying. But if you take an obvious dark gray granite ramp up to the left, you're well-protected in a chimney at a 25* slope. (Just watch for rock fall from above.) Above that ramp, there's some steep climbing and exposure on white granite straight up and then back to climber's right. The handholds and footholds are great and the granite is so grippy, you could probably fall and stick to it. The route continues with trail and class 2 scrambling up to the summit. When you see the summit, it looks intimidating, but the back way up on a ridgeline is very tame. If you stay on the route, one step at a time, it reveals itself with every step. The summit is big and flat. We all napped for 10 min.

Mostly, see above. But right now the wildflowers are out in full force! Paintbrush, tiger lilies, purple lupine, columbine, blue bells, heather, thistle, etc... Lots of bees, but they're mostly docile even when you move them aside with your poles. (Trekking poles are a must-have.) Some biting horseflies and mosquitoes are not so docile. You can see Glacier Peak (Yuge!!!) and Baker from the top, as well as several mountains in the N. Cascades. 360* views from the summit. Views are worth the effort. We took our time to make room for people coming down and to study the route before we took it. Wonderful group from Oly, Kitsap and Everett branches. Long drive from Olympia, but road is suitable for all vehicles. Trail is snow-free. Recommend Curries in Everett for post-climb meal.