Activity Overviews

Activity Overviews

Learn about the types of activities we offer and their difficulty ratings and prerequisites for participating.

Our goal is to get you outside exploring new places and finding new challenges. Trips like hiking and backpacking and naturalist activities which are less technical are open to everyone. Trips that are more technical like climbing, backcountry skiing, and sea kayaking often have skill prerequisites to ensure that everyone is safe and has the skills needed to successfully participate in the activity.

Most of our activities are free of charge after membership. Trip participants are required to make sure they have the correct parking pass for the area you are visiting. Not sure which parking pass is needed? Check the Land Manager listed on the trip and consult our Parking Passes & Wilderness Restrictions page.

The Mountaineers encourages carpooling for all of our activities and courses. Often leaders will list park and rides en route to the trip to facilitate carpooling and once you register you can reach out to other participants on the trip via email to make sure you get a ride. To learn more visit our Good Carpooling Practices page.

You may see some trips listed with a Leaders Permission prerequisite. Learn more about when and why leaders require Leader's Permission for their trips.

Click on the activity type you'd like to explore to find brief overviews of our primary offerings and what skills are required.